Why Factor Invoices?
Reaching your goals has never been easier.
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Fast, efficient, and risk-free payment!

Going the extra mile to ensure your success

Grow your company faster, control your costs, and improve your cash flow via factoring. When you partner with ProFunding, you can leave your worries aside about delayed payments or no payments at all. Our factoring services have been augmented by an additional segment – Active Collections which ensures that every invoice is paid on time and every associated cost is optimized to its maximum.

As a reference average days to pay for our clients is 32 days, meaning our team makes sure no invoice goes overdue unnecessarily, lowering your exposure, which brings your company in better financial health.

Start your factoring now!
Active collection

Secure fast and on-time payment via active communication with debtors.

Quick and efficient payment

You just send us your invoices and we immediately transfer cash to your bank account.

Personalized contact

A dedicated point of contact ensures that every factored invoice is paid on time.

Flexible service

Run your business from your preferred location and get in touch with us online whenever you need.