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Ensuring that you never run out of cash is easy.
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Increase the size of your fleet and serve more clients

Brokers pay anywhere between 30-60 days, but you have some immediate costs such as fuel, payroll and maintenance costs of running the costs, which can seriously damage your business in cases of lack of cash flow. To prevent this, all you have to do is sell your invoices to Pro Funding Inc in exchange for a percent advance on the total amount and receive your cash within the same day.

Now you can focus on taking new customers and expanding your business.


Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid for my invoice? +

Once you are done delivering your freight, you simply upload your bills on our client portal, and once the bills are processed, you will get your funds in your bank account. We even do same day billing, just ask your Account executive!

Will I get a person dedicated to my company? +

You will get more than that, you will get a team of people working on your account, from funding to collection, helping you and making sure you have more time for your company, and less worries when it comes to your money. We like to build a relationship with your team as well, so we can help you any way we can.

Do I have to do collection of payment? +

No, we have our own team of collection specialist that are here to make sure all payments a received in a timely manner, lowering your overhead, so you can focus on more important thing.

Can I check broker’s credit rating? +

Yes, on our client portal you and your team can check broker’s credit rating, or you can call in our team and they will be able to check the rating and more, to help you make a better decision for your company – it only takes 2 minutes over the phone! We are looking out for you, making sure brokers that you do work with have a good rating established.